Posted 7/23/2014

Meet Elvira -- one of my favorite models!

I found Elvira at A Okay Antiques in Valley Junction, West Des Moines several years ago, & fell in love with her immediately!  I was especially taken by her patina, the way she held her arms out & the contrast of her creamy white head & red body. 

I named her Elvira after finding out it means "the white" & because it seemed to fit her.

I especially like using Elvira to display earrings!  Her outstretched arms & the gaps in her cape make her really versatile.

I also use her occasionally to display necklaces . . .

and charm bracelets . . .

When I bought Elvira, I wasn't thinking of her being as a model for my jewelry, but she's turned out to be one of my most hard-working!