What I Wore on Wednesday -- October 29, 2014

Posted 10/29/2014

Today's Dorothea's Closet outfit is a really fun costume from the 1920's that I got recently -- perfect for the day before Halloween's eve!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I was thrilled when I found a costume from the 1920's that I could actually still wear!

The texture & color of the material in this dress is very similar to a clown costume from the 1920's that I got years ago from Diane at the antique mall in Valley Junction.  Unfortunately, it's too fragile to wear anymore, so I display it on one of my mannequins.

I tried to find out more about what people wore as Halloween costumes back in the 1920s.  However, when I checked online, mostly what I found were images & sites for costumes designed to look like the 1920's (e.g., flapper dresses), rather than from the 1920s.  I did, however, find a couple of images of 1920's costumes that were somewhat similar to mine, like this one.

I also remembered I had a Halloween postcard that was produced sometime between 1928 & 1932 that had an image of a man & woman in costume.

While I would have liked to find out more information in general about costumes from back in the 1920's, from what I did find, it seems that costumes were simpler than what you see now.

With my 1920's costume, I wore a couple of Halloween charm bracelets that I've made, as well as skull earrings & a skull ring.  On this first charm bracelet, I did a black wash over the Cracker Jack/gumball skulls to give them a more sinister look, & used orange colored chain & black beads for a bracelet in traditional Halloween colors!

The purple & blue charms on this next charm bracelets are pencil toppers from the 1960s, based on some of the Universal Studios monsters (including Frankenstein, Wolfman & King Kong).  The gorilla is a Cracker Jack/gumball charm reminiscent of King Kong.

I also wore a pair of Cracker Jack/gumball skull charm earrings that I'd made recently.

Finally, I wore a sterling silver skull ring that I made using the lost wax casting method, plus liver of sulphur to bring out the details.

Someday, I hope to find more information about the costumes that people wore back in the 1920's, but for now, I'm enjoying wearing the one I have & complementing it with my Halloween-themed jewelry!

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