Good Guys 23rd Heartland Nationals -- Rat Fink, Rat Rods & More!

Posted 7/6/2014

Steve & I had a great time Friday, July 4 at the Good Guys hot rod & custom car show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds!  The weather was perfect -- and there were over 4200 custom cars & hot rods cruising & parked around the fairgrounds!  In fact, we had such a good time that we went back Sunday, July 6!

We've gotten especially fond of "rat rods" -- a hot rod or custom car that imitates or exaggerates the early hot rods of the 1940s - early 1960s, but generally is "unfinished".  Here are some of our favorites from this year's show. 

This first one has a Rat Fink type character for a shift.

I really like the hood ornament on this one!

This one has it's visor held on with a clothespin!

This next one has several rats both inside & outside the rat rod!

And here are 4 more we liked . . .

And this next one has a metal spider on the engine & spider webs on the wheels!

I like the flames & skull & crossbones on this one . . .

And on this one, I like the contrast between the custom painted top & grill & the rusted out rest of the rat rod!


And this next one has big bolts for really big external door hinges & an outdoor boat motor cover over the engine!

Some pretty amazing rat rods!

We also found a 1969 Mustang fastback -- which was my very first car!  My dad bought it new while I was in high school & sold it to me in 1974 when I moved to Iowa for my first post-college job.  The only difference is the color -- this one was red with black racing, while mine was maroon (& no racing stripes).  I sure do wish I still had that car!

We also saw 2 '57 Chevy trucks like ours -- one painted in the original green color.

The other one was "in process", like ours.

There's also a model car exhibit at the show -- Steve entered 2 dioramas -- the first is a reproduction he did of an old store display for Rat Fink. 

The 2nd features 2 slot cars he built -- Rat Fink in his Lotus & Mr. Gasser in his BRM.

So what does all of this have to do with jewelry??  Well, first it gave me an opportunity to wear the Rat Fink charm bracelet & earrings I made.

And, 2nd, I was able to purchase more Rat Fink charms -- a bit larger than those on the charm bracelet & earrings & in 6 different colors -- they'll be perfect for necklaces.

I also picked up 2 shirts to wear to the Good Guys & to go with my jewelry.

The Good Guys show is always one of our favorite events every summer -- and this one did not disappoint!