charm bracelet for "flower child of the 60's"

Posted 4/6/2014

Custom work represents both challenges & rewards.  It's been my experience that the rewards far outweigh the challenges.

I made this custom charm bracelet for a retirement gift.  The recipient was a "flower child" of the 60s, so the group wanted some of the charms to reflect that period of her life.  She was also very interested in natural healing & T'ai chi, so they wanted the bracelet to reflect that as well.

charm braceletThe challenges, then, in this piece were (1) finding charms & gemstones to represent the themes they'd requested, & (2) creating something that had a coherent feel & was visually pleasing.

I suggested the bracelet include gemstones that symbolized the 5 natural elements & the 7 chakras to represent her interest in natural healing & T'ai chi; I also suggested one charm for good luck since retiring would be a new phase in her life journey.

With those criteria to guide me, I dug through my vintage charms & gemstones, & laid out a design.  Once approved, I created the bracelet you see here.

Designing this charm bracelet brought several rewards - (1) it gave me a window into the recipient's past & passions, (2) it gave me an opportunity to learn more about the 5 natural elements & 7 chakras, & (3) the final product pleased both the givers & the retiree.

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