What I Wore on Sunday, August 14, 2016

Posted 9/11/2016

On Sunday, August 14, I wore this really fun dress that I got recently (on sale) at Zumi's, here in Des Moines.

I love the colors & uneven hemline on this dress, plus it's super comfortable!  Poor Belle was still wearing her cone at that point; the next day we "liberated" her!

The fun purse is from the 1960s that I got at Dorothea's Closet Vintage a couple of years ago.  With my fun dress, I wore 2 pieces of jewelry I made.  

The first is a necklace I made from an old hotel key fob that I picked up at a vintage clothing store in Boise, Idaho last summer.

I also wore a fun pair of earrings I made out of old catalin game pieces that I picked up at a garage sale last summer.


Catalin is one of the early plastics, developed in 1928 & popular in the 1930s.  I love the color of these vintage catalin pieces.

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