August 5, 2016 What Cheer Flea Market Finds

Posted 8/14/2016

On Friday, August 5, my husband & I attended the summer What Cheer Flea Market.  Although he didn't find anything, I felt like I hit the jackpot!

I found quite a few things for jewelry-making -- including several interesting charms (I especially like the AC donkey charm from the World's Fair & a little Minnie Mouse heart-shaped locket), as well as watch fob & other chain.

I also found more vintage pin-back buttons & bottle caps . . .

I looked on-line, & I believe the "V for Victory" button comes from World War II. 

I also found this fun lithographed tin container.

I loved the graphics & plan to cut out some of the images to use for pendants.  Here's the other side of the container.

And I found another vintage soda pop bottle.  I love the name "Jic Jac"!  I looked it up on-line & it looks like it was produced from 1953 - 1977. I'll hang one of my vintage soda bottle top necklaces on it at one of my next shows.

I also found a few vintage holiday items for my own collections, including this paper mache turkey.

And these Halloween postcards (reproductions, I think, but they'll still display nicely) & this Halloween beer can from 1982.

And, lastly, I picked up these vintage Beatles & Monkees cards from the 1960s.

I don't know what I'll do with them really, but the Beatles cards brought back so many memories (I can still remember watching them perform for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show), I couldn't resist them!

Now I can't wait to start making jewelry out of some of my great finds!