Posted 12/21/2014

Meet Amelia, my newest model!

Amelia was an early Christmas gift from my good friend, Deb.  She's made of what seems almost like chain mail.  Initially, I thought I would clip jewelry to her metal framework, but I found these lovely vintage children's clothes at Dorothea's Closet Vintage -- I think they might even be Victorian.  They fit her perfectly, so I decided instead to dress her & use her to model necklaces.

She stands just about 3 feet tall, so will be perfect for standing on top of a table & adding height to my display.

Tonight, she's wearing a necklace I fabricated in one of my classes at the Des Moines Art Center, using agate & jasper gemstones that I set in copper sheet metal & wire.

Can't wait to have a chance to use Amelia in one of my next shows!